Review of SHADOWSELVES by Jason Ockert

I wrote a review of Jason Ockert’s Shadoselves (Dzanc Books) and published in on Bridge Eight. If you know me, you know I consider Ockert a literary dad of sorts, and I was thrilled to read new work from him.

The book is great. In the review, I write:

If you’ve read and enjoyed Rabbit Punches or Neighbors of Nothing, you’ll find yourself right at home with Shadowselves. Ockert’s writing is unapologetically filled with Ockert’s brand of magic, which can feel fresh in a time of too much uncertainty. 

I really mean that term: magic. Ockert is not so postmodern he’s difficult to reach, but he’s not so dry he bores his reader. He’s also more than the Goldilocks idea of “just right.”

He’s not right. He’s necessary.

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