Author. Editor. Copywriter.

My name is Caleb Michael Sarvis. I’m the author of Dead Aquarium or (i don’t have the stamina for that kind of faith) (Mastodon Publishing), I edited the anthology Fifteen Views of Jacksonville (Bridge Eight Press), and a while back I self-published a book called Broken Record Nostalgia, which was full of stories I was kind of done with.

Fun fact: My story “An Unfaded Black” was listed in the back of Best American Short Stories 2018 as one of the “Other Distinguished Stories of 2017” which was pretty cool.

Other Fun Fact: One time I wrote an article about the end of Grantland dot com, and Bill Simmons liked it so much he shared it with all of his followers and for about 48 hours I was semi-famous.

To pay the bills, I write creative copy for an advertising agency and write freelance work for whomever’s interested.

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