“Reaching for a Signal” in Joyland

Back in 2021, I had a story published in Joyland titled “Reaching for a Signal”

This one is a sequel to a previous story of mine called “Kidney Bean” which was published in an issue of VOLT.

Both of these have arisen from my wife and I’s miscarriage, our struggle with infertility, and the dog who came into our lives along the way.

I like these stories, because they’re my most emotionally-resonant pieces. I tend to be dry, removed, even a bit sociopathic in some of my other work. Mostly because I don’t want to describe what a person’s feeling. I just want to narrate their behavior, even if it’s first-person point of view.

In this one, my narrator and his wife are trying again while also avoiding a woman who is looking for her missing dog, a dog like looks alarmingly like their own.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading,

Caleb Michael Sarvis

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