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“Batting Practice Apocalypse” in BULL

I had a story published in BULL in 2022. This is my favorite acceptance letter I've ever received because it goes something like: Jesus, this if fucking weird and fucked up and beautiful. Made my week.  READ IT HERE This particular story is actually an excerpt from my unpublished novel The Cadence of Doom, a … Continue reading “Batting Practice Apocalypse” in BULL

REVIEW: The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

The reader expresses mixed feelings about "The Glass Hotel" by Emily St. John Mandel. They praise Mandel's writing but criticize the non-linear, multiple-perspective narrative. They felt the story lacked momentum and consistency, but found elements, like the Hotel Caiette setting and the concept of a "counter life", intriguing.

REVIEW: The Apology by Christian TeBordo

"The Apology" by Christian TeBordo is a thought-provoking novel, reminiscent of a subversion of The Office and Fargo, spun with Albert Camus's existential philosophy. It evokes an immersive narrative with 'punk rock' vibes that discusses existential dread in nonchalant yet consequential ways.